I have a new body!

I had had the same kind of serious back pain problem since 2 years, coming every few months repeatedly and going away, and did not know how to solve it. I had tried acupuncture, stretches, took very heavy dose of pain killer, but nothing could solve, or even "understand" clearly the cause of my pain.

Then I came to see Horikawa-sensei thanks to one of my friends' introduction.

It was not easy at the beginning of the treatment to see the effect, yet step by step, weeks after weeks, I started to get better clearly. My pain was diminishing, and could walk very long distance without any pain in a few months.

And Hirokawa-sensei could find out the cause of my problem, which was actually coming from my motorbike accident that I had at 15! My backbone movement was limited since then, and as I have been training Chinese martial arts for years, my body resisted a lot to cover up my problem.

It's been 4 months since my 1st visit, and honestly, I have a new body! I discover new physical sensation that I had never experienced before!

Thank you so much!!!








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