Find the origin of the problem and fix it. - Setagaya-ku, Daizawa

Dr. Horikawa was my savior! I was in pain for a long year without being able to sleep properly, walk or move after a bad Thai massage. My life had changed completely , I was depressed, with headaches, lower back , neck pains, half of my body hurted , swallen feet , knee pains among other pains.

Dr. Horikawa was always super patient with me and with by following the Gondstead Method he was a le to find the origin of the problem and fix it.

I can’t thank him enough for bringing me back to life.

Ps. I tried many many chiros and orthopedist that either said the pain would go away one day or that they didn’t know and kept just cracking me everywhere.





いつでも、困った時には思い出していただき、気軽にご利用ください。m(_ _)m


Horikawa Chiropractic

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