Don't underestimate the Gonstead difference. - Kofu Yamanashi(山梨県甲府市)

Don't underestimate the Gonstead difference. 

Dr. Horikawa is one of very few in Japan that is trained, knowledgeable about, and practices Gonstead chiropractic, and after a lot of searching online I had high hopes travelling from another prefecture just to be treated by him.

I have had neck and shoulder issues and stiffness for the past few years stemming from more than a few auto, motorcycle, and sports accidents, and have been to many other chiropractors and hospital rehabilitation centers. All of which never fixed the problem and were a waste of money. 

Dr. Horikawa was able to pinpoint the main root cause of my problem to my right hip which was the spot I fell hard on in a snowboarding accident years ago. After the first adjustment, immediately the swelling I have had for years on one side of my neck started to subside! I was surprised and amazed by the difference in such a short time. Of course it takes more than one adjustment to maintain proper spine alignment to get the muscles and ligaments to readjust after years of misalignment so I will of course be back continuing treatment. 

I am very happy with the results so far and wholeheartedly recommend Horikawa Chiropractic to everyone.


ガンステッド・カイロプラクティック(Gonstead Chiropractic)を受けたいということで、時間をかけて山梨県から来ていただきました。


一番驚かれたのは、右耳の後ろに何年もの間あった首の腫れが、右の骨盤のアジャストメントにより少なくなったことだと思います。アジャストメントは右の腸骨IN(Internal Roattion)でした。



Followup treatment and adjustment went very well. Very grateful for the free consultation and information provided as well. Looking forward to my next visit.




Horikawa Chiropractic

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